Fix the 360p YouTube Player issue in Teslas

Tesla drivers are complaining online that the YouTube app inside their cars is crippling the video playback to a potatocam quality of just 360p, without a way to bump up the resolution. That is just 1/4 of the pixel data of 720, which is considered the minimum for HD quality.

Since neither the Quality nor the Captions dropdowns are functional in the app settings, the 360p restriction appears more of a software bug than an intentional limitation of the software.

Hat tip to the guys over at EVchargerReviews who found a workaround to toggle between quality settings using the steering wheel scroll button. See the video below.

The volume scroll wheel on the left side of the steering wheel has the ability to click left and right. This can function effectively as hardware keyboard arrow keys that can cycle through options when the Quality field is selected.

Neat! Now let’s just hope YouTube and Tesla can come together on a proper bug fix.

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