Charging cord not fitting into iPhone? How to fix

How to clean iPhone Lightning Port

Are you noticing that your iPhone is not charging reliably when you plug in a Lightning cable? Is the charging intermittent when you wiggle the connector? Does it seem like the cable is not going all the way into the port? This is a common problem, and very easy to fix.

The Lightning port on iPhone is actually robust and is very unlikely to break from regular use. The most common charging issue is due to the Lightning port becoming dirty or clogged with debris from your pockets or purse. In the old days of micro-USB ports on Android phones, the charging port itself would fail after years or daily use, and a replacement would be needed. iPhone never really suffered from this issue.

What does happen, however, is that lint/dust/sand can get trapped inside of the Lightning port and can prevent the cord connector from making full electrical contact inside the port. In my experience, I need to clean my iPhone ports every 6-9 months.

How to safely clean the iPhone Lightning port

Warning: Do not use a hard metal object to remove debris from the port. Metal conducts electricity and may short-circuit the port. Hard metals can also scratch the contact areas of the port needed for charging. Do not use screwdrivers, paper clips, SIM tray tool, etc…

  1. Find a soft and pointed object, preferably made of wood or plastic. I like to use toothpicks.
  2. Very gently insert the toothpick into the port, and scrape any trapped materials inside.
  3. To prevent damage, pick at the back of the port mainly, and use the toothpick to guide debris out. Don’t pick at the flat long sides of the port, because that is where the connector makes electrical contact. Gently blowing air can also help the toothpick remove all dust and debris.
  4. Now that you’ve removed all that gunk buildup, your Lighting cord should have a much easier time fitting and snapping into the port.

You will be surprised how much stuff can cram and compact into the port from daily use.

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