Can you use Apple Vision Pro as ski goggles?

Can you use Apple Vision Pro as ski goggles?

Can you use Apple’s new mixed-reality headset as ski goggles? That is kind of what the headset looks like anyway, right? That is where my mind went, as a tech enthusiast and 20 season snowboarding rider. Theoretically, it should be possible because the camera array of the Vision Pro headset has the ability to pass through live video with a very wide field of view, with just a 12-millisecond latency. Imagine ripping down the slopes with augmented route guidance and real time performance metrics overlaid your physical environment.

What gives me pause is the exposure to cold outdoor environments. Apple did not provide any operating temperature ranges or water tightness ratings for their new product, so far. The bottom side of the enclosure had air vents for active cooling (fans?) of the electronics inside. A lot of processing power is required to bring mixed reality experiences to life. This suggests that the headset is only about as capable as a MacBook at withstanding the environment, as opposed to an Apple Watch that is built to withstand outdoor activity.

The other component of concern is the external battery module, attached to the headset with a cord. Seasoned skiers will be familiar with their iPhones getting too cold and becoming unresponsive. This is mainly due to the chemistry in the lithium battery reacting to the cold and supplying less power. An Apple Vision Pro headset glitching out while skiing downhill quickly could be dangerous.

As much as I’d like to imagine this possibility, I don’t think it will be possible to use the Apple Vision Pro headset as ski goggles. At least not this first iteration of the product. However, depending on how well received it comes (technically, and socially), there may be even more use cases for an AR headset in the future, including for fitness and sports.

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